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The moment you attach with “yoga,” it indicates it’s a whole path by itself.

What is “YOGA” what is yoga “Yoga”   this word comes from Sanskrit, derived from the basis ‘yuj’, aiming to management, to yoke or to unite. it’s close to the combination of person’s own consciousness and also the universal consciousness. additionally called a union of mental and non-secular disciplines like body and soul. Yoga originated in Bharat(India) regarding 5000 years past. it had been evolved as ‘spiritual practice’ in Hinduism. there’s a legend that information of Yoga was initial gone “Lord Shiva” to his wife Annapurna also called “parwati” and from there…

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bhastrika pranayama wellness Yoga 

how to do Bhastrika Pranayama and what is bhastrika pranayam?

how can you get benefits of Bhastrika- Pranayama lets see on the below- its one of the best is bhastrika-Pranayama is a superb respiratory exercise. It keeps you and your body healthy and minds happy. Heart and brain patients should follow to induce miraculous results. Depression, migraine, Parkinson’s sickness, dysfunction square measure fully cured, that is not possible by  medicines.‘Bhastrika’ could be a Sanskritic language word, which suggests ‘bellows’. In short, Bhastrika is ‘inhale’ and ‘exhale’ deeply and forcefully. so is additionally called ‘deep breath exercise’. How to do bhastrika-pranayama Sit…

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young Yoga 

its very important to stay fit

Health Benefits of Yoga in Daily Life    Sometimes we want to stay fit and fine, like Weight loss, glowing beautiful skin, peaceful mind, good health a strong and flexible body, – whatever you may be looking for but how could you stay fit. yoga has it on offer. However, every time. it gives you more strength, peace of mind, power thinking and increases your potential when you go for anything to do. you never lose your ability. you know that why do you get more benefit from yoga? All-round fitness Stress…

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