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how to visit every single country in the world but how? by Cassie De Pecol

Visit Every Country in the World.How Did She pay for It?


hii everyone as you know that everyone’s dream to visit every single country in the world and obtain paid to try and do it. feels like a fun experience—until you run out of savings midway through. today we are going to know that how you can travel the world as per the experience of Cassandra De Pecol

do you know about her who is she? let’s know about her

Cassandra De Pecol is an enthusiastic American traveler, speaker & activist, is best known for being the fastest person and first documented woman who has traveled to every country in the world.visit every single country in the world2

travel every single country in the world it was paid for 111000 us dollar 

After a year and a 1/2 coming up with, Cassie De Pecol, a 27-year-old from Connecticut, began a journey to become the quickest person to go to every single country in the world. The trip, that price 111,000 us dollar total, took her eighteen months to complete. She was virtually derailed once she ran out of funding halfway through the trip, however within the finish, she saw all 196 sovereign countries and stone-broke 2 Guinness World Records.


Her 2 records didn’t come back low-cost and she had to induce artistic to get the trip. She told to cash in a very Facebook Live interview that she saved $10,000 from 2 attention jobs and—using athletes like Michael Phelps as her model—networked to search out sponsors and investors to fund the remainder of her trip.

“I just about had to grant up my social life. No going out, no going out for lunches or something,” American state Pecol aforesaid.visit every single country in the world3

After raising the funds she required, she embarked on on her journey. however even finally her preparation, she encountered a large obstacle on her way cash. but halfway through Pecol’s trip, she ran out of savings.

abut this journey she said that

“The cash I had saved was gone. the sole support funding I had obtained was gone and that I embarrassingly had to simply return home,”.

De Pecol found herself in a very difficult during visit every single country in the world

Pecol found herself in a very difficult state of affairs. so as to qualify for a Guinness record, she couldn’t keep in anyone country quite fourteen days, that meant that she had the period to fund-raise the remainder of her trip back to the U.S.

she was therefore embarrassed that she didn’t even tell her nearest friends she had come home. She pushed through those weeks and raised enough funds to complete her travels. now around, she created higher preparations for the money journey to visit every single country in the world

“I had associate stand out computer programme at that time expertise,” she said. “I was like I actually got to carry on prime of this cause I don’t wish to be back in this position once more.”

how should you get benefits from your laptop during travel every single country in the global

That computer programme helped her keep track of everything, together with what quantity she was allowed to pay per week.

“I’m not a cash person,” Pecol admitted. “I’ve ne’er been nice at maintaining with my finances, however on this trip I actually learned to own to try and do that as a result of I used to be the sole one that was up to the mark of it. it absolutely was up to Maine whether or not I failing or succeeded.”

And she did succeed.  Pecol currently holds 2 Guinness World Records and is beginning a non-profit next year to assist others to fund their own passion comes.

For anyone that dreams of traveling the planet, however, doesn’t savvy to afford it, De Pecol has some recommendation.

“It’s very vital to avoid wasting 100 percent of each bank check,”  Pecol aforesaid. “It’s vital to own a cushion with cash. I mean I’ve had nothing, and it’s a very terrible state of affairs to not even be able to afford a meal once you’re hungry.”

In addition to a little of each bank check, she inspired aspiring travelers to form a weekly budget. She noted that it’s vital to additionally provide yourself a little bit of freedom along with your cash for once cool adventures or opportunities come back up that you just didn’t set up for.

And we suppose that’s pretty smart recommendation. therefore go travel the planet however celebrate, be safe, and don’t forget to budget!

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