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The moment you attach with “yoga,” it indicates it’s a whole path by itself.

What is “YOGA”basic yoga posture

what is yoga “Yoga”   this word comes from Sanskrit, derived from the basisyuj, aiming to management, to yoke or to unite. it’s close to the combination of person’s own consciousness and also the universal consciousness. additionally called a union of mental and non-secular disciplines like body and soul.chakras in human body

Yoga originated in Bharat(India) regarding 5000 years past. it had been evolved as ‘spiritual practice’ in Hinduism. there’s a legend that information of Yoga was initial gone “Lord Shiva” to his wife Annapurna also called “parwati” and from there into the lives of human.

The moment you attach the word “yoga,” it indicates it’s a whole path by itself-what is yogayoga ashana

what is yoga If it’s a whole path by itself, however ought to or not it’s approached? If it had been simply a straightforward apply or an exercise, you’ll approach it a technique. If it had been a form or simply recreation, it can be approached otherwise. I’m victimisation of these words as a result of they’re in usage in today’s world. folks say “recreational yoga,” “health yoga,” folks talk to it as a form – they suppose they’re doing a service to yoga by speech it’s a form. No. the instant you attach the word “yoga,” it indicates it’s a whole path by itself.

The word “yoga” basically suggests that “that brings you to reality”. Literally, it suggests that “union.” Union suggests that it brings you to the last word reality, wherever individual manifestations of life area unit surface bubbles within the method of creation. Right now, a coco palm and a fruit tree have popped up from an equivalent earth. From an equivalent earth, the flesh and then several creatures have popped up. it’s all an equivalent earth.

Yoga suggests that to manoeuvre towards an experiential reality wherever one is aware of the last word nature of the existence, the method it’s created.

what is Yoga it is one amongst the six Darshanas (Views) of ‘Hindu classical philosophy’: so these are the six darshans-surya namaskar

Sankhya- a powerfully adherent theoretical exposition of mind and matter.

Yoga- a faculty action meditation closely supported Sankhya.

Nyaya- it called logic.

Vaisheshika-  associate philosopher faculty of atomism.

Mimamsa-  associate anti-ascetic and anti-mysticist faculty of orthopraxy.

Vedanta-  opposing religious writing ritualism in favour of mysticism. Hinduism came to be the

dominant current of Hinduism within the post-medieval amount.Swami Vivekananda

In the remainder of the “Hinduism” in the post-medieval period. aside from world other than India, the term yoga is usually thought-about a style of ‘physical exercise’ that is really related to “Hath yoga” and its Asanas (postures). In the USA society, yoga was initially introduced by ‘Swami Vivekananda’ in late nineteenth century as non-secular apply. Now, in western countries, yoga is well-liked as some way of keeping work and healthy. it’s a mix of respiration exercises, physical postures and meditation. this can be solely a district of the broad read of yoga.

The word “yoga” basically suggests that “that brings you to reality.”

Yoga refers to the union, not as a concept, a philosophy or as a thought that you just imbibe. As an Intellectual plan, if you vouch by the commonness of the universe, it should cause you to well-liked during a party, it should provide you with an explicit rank, however, it doesn’t serve the other purpose. you’ll see, once things return right {down to|all the way down to} even cash – it doesn’t even ought to boil down to life and death – even for cash, “This is Maine, that’s you.” The boundary is clear; there’s no doubt about you and Maine being one.meditate

It really causes harm to the individual if you intellectually see everything is one. folks do every kind of silly things as a result of they got this concept that everyone is one before someone teaches them an honest lesson so they see, “This is Maine, that’s you. No thanks, to be one.”

If it becomes an experiential reality, it’ll not bring about any immature action. it’ll bring about an amazing expertise in life. Individuality is a concept. catholicity isn’t a concept, it’s a reality. In different words, yoga suggests that you bury all of your concepts.

Types of Yoga-yoga poses

Major branches of yoga are:

Raja Yoga 

Karma Yoga-

Gyana or Jnana Yoga-

Bhakti Yoga-

Hatha Yoga-

detail about the branches of yoga will be next post.but basically, bhastrika pranayama is the best for beginner



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